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Sexual Discrimination Case Against BIDMC Moves Forward:

Superior court rules former Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center chief can proceed in court with her sexual discrimination lawsuit.

Dr. Carol Warfield, former anesthesiology chief at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, can proceed in court with her lawsuit. BIDMC had sought for her case to be heard by an arbitrator.

Warfield’s suit alleges years of abusive and demeaning treatment by former surgery chief Josef Fischer and seeks millions of dollars in damages from Fischer, BIDMC, and CEO Paul Levy.

According to the Boston Globe, Warfield’s attorney noted that “The reality is that Mr. Transparency has been trying to keep the lid on this case,’’ and suggested the “open vetting’’ of Warfield’s case will produce evidence embarrassing to Levy and Beth Israel Deaconess.

This is an important victory for Massachusetts workers who confront discrimination or retaliation on the job.

July 28, 2009: Doctor can take Beth Israel to court: SJC says she has right to sue despite arbitration clause