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Strip Search Lawsuit

Beth Israel Settles Lawsuit by Woman Who Claims She Was Forcibly Strip-searched.
A woman was forcibly strip-searched by five male security guards after seeking care at the Beth Israel Deaconess Emergency Room. Her subsequent lawsuit for discrimination has recently been settled, and the hospital’s mandatory clothing removal policy has been changed. The plaintiff was represented by lawyers from two public-interest groups and from a private Boston law firm. The Bazelon Center, which is one of the public-interest groups, reports that the court will retain jurisdiction to enforce the agreement for two years.

March 10, 2009: Patient and Hospital Settle ADA Challenge to Mandatory Clothing-Removal Policy

March 11, 2009: Hospital Settles Suit Over Woman's Strip Search

March 10, 2009: Woman Forcibly Stripped by Male Guards Settles ADA Lawsuit

June 6, 2006: Woman Files Suit in Forced Strip Search; Her rights were violated at medical center, she says
Synopsis: An elderly woman with a history of sexual abuse was strip searched by five male security guards in BIDMC's emergency department, even after a clothed pat-down found no evidence of a safety risk.

Read the lawsuit.
Read the ruling by a medical tribunal that the patient's raises a "legitimate question of liability."