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Dorchester Clinic Closure

We expect our hospitals to be allies in the effort to expand healthcare access to everyone in Massachusetts. At the very least, hospitals should never stand in the way of providing healthcare services to communities in need.
That is why it is so disturbing that Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has, under the direction of CEO Paul Levy, closed down a clinic in Dorchester for poor children and families. That action seemed to be a calculated business decision based on the bottom line, rather than on the needs of patients and the community. It is our hope that in the future the BIDMC administration will take a leadership role in improving, rather than reducing, access to vital healthcare services.

"I've asked [Beth Israel Deaconess] to continue funding Little House until we have a plan to transfer it over. You just can't cut off health care to individuals who use it. Who suffers again? The hard-working men and women of the community," –Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

February 20, 2008: Hospital’s Accounting Is Under Fire by a Union.
Read clips from Statehouse News Service and other many other media outlets on the issue

Letter to BIDMC board members regarding charity care discrepancies and concerns, February 2008 1199SEIU sent a letter to BIDMC’s fiduciaries warning that the hospital may have overstated actual charity care levels by millions of dollars and calling on the hospital to restate its audit disclosures using a more transparent method.