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Community Reaction to BIDMC's Anti-Union Campaign

December 14, 2007: Jewish Codes of Conduct
Synopsis: Ben Healy criticizes BIDMC’s record of anti-worker activities and the hiring of a union-busting law firm, and calls on Paul Levy to agree to a free and fair election for hospital workers.

November 15, 2007: Downtown Hospital Chief Takes Cheap Shot at Carney
After BIDMC CEO Paul Levy uses Carney Hospital’s financial troubles as an excuse to attack the healthcare workers union, a local resident asks, “What does Paul Levy have against Dorchester?”

November 3, 2007: A New Chance for Carney
The Boston Globe editors suggest Paul Levy cynically took advantage of Caritas Carney’s serious situation to malign the healthcare workers union.

October 17, 2007: Ben Affleck, Boston Workers and Bad Faith CEOs,  
Progressive blogger Jane Hamsher criticizes Paul Levy’s anti-worker campaign.

Other blog posts by progressive blogger Jane Hamsher criticizing BIDMC CEO Paul Levy for his anti-worker fear campaign:

December 3, 2007: Union Busting For the Holidays
October 19, 2007: Blogging Mistake #74: Your Blog is Not Your Therapist
October 18, 2007: Health Care, USA: It’s All About the Benjamins