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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s CEO Paul Levy is the only hospital CEO in Greater Boston who has publicly attacked the idea of allowing hospital employees to make up their own minds on the issue of whether to join together as a union. Instead, Levy has endorsed a campaign of intimidation and coercion through the hiring on anti-union consultants that we believe have wasted patient care dollars and put tremendous pressure on an already stressed workforce while taking the focus off of care delivery.


Community Support for Free and Fair Union Elections

Unanimous resolution of the Boston City Council calling for Free and Fair election agreements at BIDMC and other hospitals.

 May 30, 2008: BIDMC in Heated Battle with Healthcare Union

December 2, 2007: Children lead rally to support hospital workers
More than 100 elementary school students and their parents delivered letters to two hospital CEOs, including Paul Levy, asking them to agree to free and fair elections for workers.

 November 2, 2007: The History of Jewish Labor
Ben Healey of the Moishe/Kavod Jewish Social Justice House calls on Paul Levy to allow workers at BIDMC to have a free and fair union election.

 October 25, 2007: City council endorses labor organizing agreements.

Letter distributed at the 2007 Beth Israel-Needham Annual Fundraising Gala
In a Nov. 2007 letter distributed to BIDMC donors, the members of the healthcare workers union, 1199SEIU, called for hospital funds to be spent on patient care, not anti-worker campaigns. Read the letter


Community Reaction to BIDMC's Anti-Union Campaign

December 14, 2007: Jewish Codes of Conduct
Synopsis: Ben Healy criticizes BIDMC’s record of anti-worker activities and the hiring of a union-busting law firm, and calls on Paul Levy to agree to a free and fair election for hospital workers.

November 15, 2007: Downtown Hospital Chief Takes Cheap Shot at Carney
After BIDMC CEO Paul Levy uses Carney Hospital’s financial troubles as an excuse to attack the healthcare workers union, a local resident asks, “What does Paul Levy have against Dorchester?”

November 3, 2007: A New Chance for Carney
The Boston Globe editors suggest Paul Levy cynically took advantage of Caritas Carney’s serious situation to malign the healthcare workers union.

October 17, 2007: Ben Affleck, Boston Workers and Bad Faith CEOs,  
Progressive blogger Jane Hamsher criticizes Paul Levy’s anti-worker campaign.

Other blog posts by progressive blogger Jane Hamsher criticizing BIDMC CEO Paul Levy for his anti-worker fear campaign:

December 3, 2007: Union Busting For the Holidays
October 19, 2007: Blogging Mistake #74: Your Blog is Not Your Therapist
October 18, 2007: Health Care, USA: It’s All About the Benjamins